“Death by Landscape”

            Lois kept looking back to the event that shaped her whole life as a way of reexamining that particular event and see if she could figure-out what happened. According to Tuan, “…when we look inward (that is, introspect) we are likely to reminisce the past…“source”…all convey the idea of beginning and of past time” (126). This is seen with Lois who after twenty years of continually thinking to herself why Cappie made her feel like she was the one responsible for her best friend’s death. After thinking about it for so many years she realized that Cappie wanted her to be the one who pushed Lucy off the cliff. The reason being that thinking of it that way would help Cappie cope with the idea that after so many years of effort, her campsite was going to be closed down (Atwood 116). The source of Lois not living her life to the fullest was that particular event which marked the beginning of her new life but also marked a horrific past. That terrible past, made her feel like she was responsible for Lucy’s death, and that everybody accused her of it. Her conscience didn’t let her enjoy her children as she was absent minded most part of her life.

             Lois is fascinated by the types of emotions that the paintings in her apartment create. According to Tuan, “Every perspective landscape painting or photograph teaches us to see time “flowing” through space…Both the past and the future can be evoked by the distant scene” (124). This can be seen with Lois who after losing her friend in the Lookout point, a high cliff surrounded by woods. Nobody knows what happened to Lucy. All Lois knows is that it was probably her fault for leaving her alone. Now, every time she sees the paintings of the island, cliff, river shore, or the trees she sees Lucy. These particular places aren’t random but relate to past experiences they had together. It was as if Lucy could enjoy the past once more by just looking at the pictures which would bring past memories of both of them. The paintings generated a sense of freedom for Lois as she feels that Lucy is in those paintings that in the future she is still going to be there as an alive person.

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